So back from the USDAA regional last weekend and I will write about it later, but for now I am going to post the last of my Canadian Nationals videos. This is the 2 standard classes that where offered. Take a look at the standard courses here Neither course was a “gimme” for anyone, they were pretty challenging course. For some reason 6 weave poles always gives people trouble.

Ok here are the runs.

Feature won the first standard class and Encore won the second. In both classes the skill of contact independence made the handling of the course much easier. You will notice that I don’t go anywhere near the end of either dog walk contact. I wrote about this about a month ago, those of you that did the homework would have been glad for it, had you come to Canadian Nationals!

Today I am grateful that the rain has stopped here, the pond is overflowing and the grassed just soaked.