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Worth Repeating

Posted on 07/31/09 4 Comments

This has been around the internet a few times, it is awesome, you have have even seen it at Starbucks. Even if you have seen it, it is well worth more than one look.  Have a great weekend everyone.  http://www.youtube.com/user/PlayingForChange#play/user/C122061BDC373B4B Today I am so grateful to all of the people in my life that stand […]

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Canadian Nationals Agility Championships

Posted on 07/29/09 5 Comments Twister, Buzz & Stoni capturing 2 first every Canadian National Championships

This morning we head up to Ottawa for the Canadian National Agility Championships.  This would be the ninth year for this event. It is different than any other National Championship that I am aware of, not only in that consistency is crucial, but also the dog’s ability to do Gamblers is critical as well.  You […]

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Peaceful Success

Posted on 07/28/09 20 Comments Executing with Encore, two minds working as one.

Yesterday I started explaining my thoughts on the evolution of ourselves as competitors.  Remember Stage one was the “Romance Stage” where ignorance is bliss and we get extreme joy just watching our dog being able to do a sequence of 2 or 3 jumps in a row without going around one of them. Stage Two, […]

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Your Evolution through “Competitiveness”

Posted on 07/27/09 11 Comments Getting a thrill watching 9" Shelby clear 26" high jump. Circa 1989 (or maybe 1889)

There was discussion this week on one of the agility lists about running agility “just for fun” rather than being competitive about it. It reminded me of a lecture I include when doing Mental Prep for Sport workshops.  It is about each of our own individual evolution as a competitor in sport. This concept was first introduced […]

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Summer Afternoon In Canada

Posted on 07/24/09 30 Comments

It is a lazy Friday afternoon (if there is such a thing around here). I just did some training after taking a bunch of phone calls from all of you. Yes, I was manning the phones the last 2 days. Fun . . . for a change. Anyway I am working on a video for […]

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Dissecting Punishment

Posted on 07/22/09 14 Comments Feature driving across the dogwalk. Ken Kennedy.

One of last week’s blog posted caused a bit of a stir amoungst some of you so I will deal with a couple of comments that were made.    From Nelci   AWESOME!! Love the picture of Feature on the Teeter. I do have some questions, after this “exercise” with Feature and the DW, what […]

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Slowing Things Down

Posted on 07/22/09 17 Comments jumpers final

I felt a little badly that my last post was all about Encore while Feature had a great weekend at Canada Cup herself. So to alleviate some guilt, I had to post Feature’s run for you all as well. Just so you know this isn’t just some narcissistic indulgence, I decided to set up the video as […]

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Posted on 07/20/09 22 Comments

I don’t have a lot of time today, tons to do before Tuesday, but I had to post this run from the weekend. Canada Cup was again fantastic.  My dogs were amazing, as a handler, I let them down in the early rounds but we pulled it together when it counted and won 3 of […]

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How Your Old Running Shoes Can Be Like Relationships

Posted on 07/17/09 31 Comments At the 2007 Worlds with Lynda Orton Hill and Greg Derrett

I am sitting here under the golden arches of McDonalds getting an internet connection before the trial starts this morning. I had an early morning because I woke up thinking about some smut I heard last night about Greg Derrett and myself (not romantically, ewwwwwweeee, but rather as instructors). It started me thinking about when […]

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Christmas in July

Posted on 07/16/09 4 Comments A dog enjoys the pond after her run.

Well all of my appliances for the new house arrived yesterday. Way exciting. However my excitement gave John the “great” idea that since my birthday is at the end of July, this could work as my present from him!  As nice as it is to have shiny and new, I am pretty sure he won’t […]

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