Wow after yesterday’s response I was thinking today I would cover medi-care, hand guns laws or perhaps abortion.  Thanks to everyone that wrote in on the sensitive topic. Apparent Alex Baldwin stated an opinion similar to mine recently and he too is feeling a bit of heat . . . not that I am looking for an opportunity to align myself with Alex Baldwin.

Just to clarify what I wrote, I am not condoning what Vick did, nor am I glorifying him as a role model for children, or minimizing the pain and suffering he inflicted on those dogs.  I am only saying if he had never gotten caught. the tragedy of fighting rings would never have gotten the exposure it is getting today. The way to eliminate the ugliness of Pit Bull fighting is by exposing it and keeping it in the eye of the public until people and resources can eliminate it. Vick’s re-appearance gives us a media opportunity that wasn’t otherwise there. Fighting rings have been around for years but passion like was shown on my blog yesterday was never publicly voiced so vehemently until Michael Vick acted like a boob.

As an optimist I am hoping Vick will actually contribute as he works with the Humane Society of the United States, being actively involved with his time and finances, working to put an end to dog fighting rings once and for all.  

If you haven’t done so, take the time to read all of the comments that were posted yesterday there are some very interesting perspectives and view points. Angela in particular brings up some engaging points. Did you know that  most pigs are electrocuted to “stun” them before they are killed for human consumption? Have you ever looked into the eyes of the  cattle or birds stuffed into those transport trailers riding down the highway on the way to slaughter? 

Do you think as a society have we just compartmentalized what animals it is okay to act savagely towards and those we need to protect?

 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Mahatma Gandhi.  

I am pretty sure the man was not referring to dogs and cats alone when he spoke these words.

Okay, if I have any readers left, I promise I will go back to dog training tomorrow.

Today I am grateful for everyone that feels so passionately about the welfare of animals.