Okay my intention was to do a quick video and post this little clip with the rest of my exercise thoughts today. However, even though I have a ton of stuff to do, I got carried away with the editing and the entire project took longer than I intended. However, I do like tinkering with videos. So here you have it.

What I would like you to see is that within my dogs’ training session, regardless of how long or short, there is the big picture, but the big picture is always comprised of many little pictures (or training objectives).


What I am saying is that you can have a mindless game of retrieve with your dog or you can create smaller games within the game of retrieve. This will allow you to build the skills that; can give you a great start line stay, teach your dog to be responsive to your cues–even in drive, make sure your dog always powers back to you (even if you are standing still) and maintain any criteria you decide to lay out for the dog.

I require my dogs to drive hard DIRECTLY back to me. I am not going to punish them if they are a bit slower, or take a less direct path back one time, however, I am not going to give that attempt the same reinforcement that a great effort would earn.

It is about the game within the game. Always.  I will get to describing my dog’s exercise program for you, but thought this was worth mentioning first.

Today I am grateful to get an answer to DeCaff’s strange behaviour the past few months. Hypothyroidism. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, Stoni had the same issues and the same diagnosis. Hopefully she will respond as well as Stoni did and be back to her old self soon.