Okay some may think I have completely lost my mind but remember what motivates me; the vision to help dogs world wide be better understood by their owners and to help those owners create a better relationship with their dogs. To that end I have been working on a course, it was supposed to be a sort of Christmas surprise for my Inner Circle Peeps. However knowing my IC Peeps, I know what a generous mindset they all have so I know they won’t mind my sharing in their gift.

Here it is. I created a sort of mini course on Shaping. I think all trainers bring their own slant to training and I like to think mine is more of an outside the box thinking. Since I have been strongly influence by my mentors Bob and Marion Bailey, one of my goals in Shaping is to be not just effective but efficient. All too often I see trainers making such a long process of something that could have been done so much faster.

I am a very busy person. I don’t have a lot of time waiting for my dogs to “get it.” So am going to set the stage for my shaping to be as effective and efficient as possible. Leaving me more time to do other things (like creating new courses:)). Soooo that is really what the Shaping Course is all about. My viewpoint, what I see as the keys to effective and efficient, outside the box shaping. Right now the course is sort of a self directed course. There will be no coaching calls or Q & A. Just videos and reports to guide you. And best of all it will all be free for anyone who signs up on the Brilliant or Inner Circle level of Recallers 3.0. My plan is to just tack it on to the end of the Recallers course (not give people more information to try to digest while they are working through Recallers:)).

Eventually this course will be for sale on my website but for now, in honor of the American tradition of BLACK FRIDAY, it will be a free bonus. But I need a name. I was throwing around names like “On Line Shaping Success” or “Outside the Box Shaping” or “Say Yes to Shaping” but I thought I would throw it out there for you guys. Do you like any of those names? Can you think of any others for me?

I posted a short video to explain exactly what Recallers 3.0 is all about. Follow this link to get more info and of course to sign up for the course (now courseS:)).

Today I am grateful for Lynda Orton-Hill for not completely freaking out on me when I told her about my new idea:) and of course for all of her extra hard work she has been putting in helping to make the Recallers Registration go as smoothly as possible for everyone!