The Say Yes Team has taken over Susan’s blog for a day, as we have news to share … great news, good news and some bad news.

[Update November 04, 2018] Our free training series has ended now, but if you visit any link below you can register to be notified of any new upcoming free online workshops with Susan.

Great News – FREE ONLINE Webinar with Susan Garrett

Susan will be presenting a free online Webinar that is part of our current “Verbals In Agility Summit“. Everyone is welcome to join us to learn more about Susan’s philosophy on agility handling training.

We get many requests for Susan to present seminars, and with a webinar, Susan comes right into your home!

Live online learning with Susan is always a treat, and to add to this, Susan will also be sharing about our agility handling program, Handling360. There will be an opportunity to participate in this online classroom immediately following the live webinar. We have many of you asking “when will Handling360 be open?”, so this is a great chance if you have been waiting (not a trick at all).

The Good News – The Webinar! On Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

When you join in the Webinar, you will learn more about…

How to Increase the Speed Your Agility Dog Learns

So that your dog can…

  • Respond faster to your cues
  • Stay focused while working
  • Decrease ring stress
  • Increase obstacle independence
  • Accelerate your success in the agility ring
  • And have a great time while doing it!

And the Bad News – Webinars with Susan fill up lightning fast…

The seats are limited! But, Susan will be presenting TWO live online webinars on Tuesday so we can accommodate as many people as possible.

This means it is important to sign up to attend one of the live webinars at either 12:00 pm or 6:30 pm ET (Toronto / New York Time).

Check your calendars and then sign in for the time that works for you. We want to accommodate everyone with varying schedules and in different parts of the world.

In short…we want everyone to enjoy the webinar. Which isn’t bad at all!

How to Register for the Live Webinar with Susan

Visit Summit Central, to reserve your spot in the Webinar. All you need to do is select the time slot that suits you best.

Summit Central is the HQ of our current free online training series. When you are there, be sure to enjoy everything that we have for you as part of the VIA Summit, it’s packed full of information and fun with Susan.

Even if you do not do agility, the dog training inside is full of ‘ah-ha!’ moments for you to help no matter what it is you do with your dog. We would recommend this series to everyone, and you will LOVE Video 2 where ‘Tater’ the rescue Bulldog cross makes his training debut.

Register on Summit Central for the Webinar. Enjoy the videos and PDFs that are part of our free agility training series and available at the VIA Summit.

Susan always makes a point of finishing her blog posts with gratitude, so we will too.

Today we are grateful for you, and your enthusiasm for the free online training series we run each year, and to Susan, for her drive to make the world better for dogs and for never holding back on sharing her knowledge and expertise!