Learning from Cats and Seagulls … Chat with Bob Bailey

Over his career, Dr Bob Bailey has trained over 140 different species of animals. The effect of this training has reached millions of animals and people, including you!  If you are here reading this post, then you have been influenced by Bob Bailey. He is [...]

2020-01-11T06:36:58-04:00May 13th, 2019|9 Comments

Birds, Sheep, Rats and other Out of Control Rewards

Last week during our discussion of training methodology several of you wrote in with the same concern (and I'm certain there where several more of you that sat in silent wonder in front of your computer screen).  The question is, can you control your dog's [...]

2018-08-27T02:05:36-04:00April 7th, 2010|12 Comments

Bob Bailey Gives a Shout Out

Well I asked Bob to check out the blog and he wrote this amazing reply back in the comments section. I couldn't waste it in the comments section, for fear some of you would not see it so I got his permission to use it [...]

2009-03-10T03:35:07-04:00March 10th, 2009|14 Comments
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