Over his career, Dr Bob Bailey has trained over 140 different species of animals. The effect of this training has reached millions of animals and people, including you!  If you are here reading this post, then you have been influenced by Bob Bailey. He is an icon in animal training with a direct line back to back to Skinner, Pavlov & the Brelands.

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with Bob about his early career and to video the chats for you. The two videos are below, and we were able to add in some historic film including Buck Bunny, Spy Cats and Heroic Seagulls.

Part One: The early days, including training cats for espionage!


Part Two: Bob shares the story of a very heroic seagull that teaches how to train anything, and for us dog trainers, how to take that training from the backyard to anywhere.


It was an honour to be on stage at Bob’s “Think! Plan! Do!” conference.  Along with Bob, the internationally known presenters covered a broad spectrum of training fields… dogs, cats, birds, dolphins, whales, manatees, and many more.

Today I am grateful for the influence Bob has had in my dog training and life, and for the big role he has played in the evolution of positive animal training.