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A Dog Training Christmas in November

Stand is Fun! The Say Yes team has been working overtime preparing for all that is “new.” As I mentioned last week we have a cool new video on teaching how “The Stand is Fun” which is on Facebook and Puppy Peaks. Thank you for all of the positive comments on this video especially for the […]

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Cliff Hangers

Okay, so if you don’t like cliffhangers, maybe you shouldn’t read today’s blog:). The first “leave ’em hanging” video I am going to show you is a new one I just posted to my Facebook Page. It is a two parter – here is part one, in order to see part two you have to […]

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The Singleton Puppy

I am writing this blog post today not from a position of a great depth of knowledge but reporting from two singular experiences. I am hoping anyone reading this that has gone through a similar situation will offer their perspective. I suppose for many of you this post will hold little of interest so I […]

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The Puppy One Hundred (and Thirty Five)

Okay since I gave you all a bit of a shakeup last week with my cyber behaviour experiment, all good trainers know in order to prevent complete shutdown, it is time for a heavy dose of reinforcement. Here you go. It is my new  Puppy One Hundred list. But now, due to the input of […]

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Puppies You Just Hafta Have . . .

Eight week old Shelby . . . oh the indignities our first dogs have endured.

So I have heard from some of you that you are curious why I did not mention Encore in my two posts last week about how I picked my puppies. It was for no reason in particular other than brevity, just as there was no reason why I didn’t mention how I selected my first […]

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While Waiting Until He Grows Up . . .

Feature playing sit-stay games with distractions at 18 weeks.

  To follow up on a post from last week, I want to clear up any misunderstandings, I am not suggesting you wait until your dog is three or four years old before you start trialing him in agility. Of my last three dogs, two of them where in the ring at 18 months and […]

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