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Lessons in Frustration, Recovery and NRMs

Following up on my last post on NRMs I mentioned  that the only place I really use one in my training is when the lack of information will create an expectancy of reinforcement for my dog. I mentioned the teaching of weave poles as one place that a NRM is critically important. The other place […]

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Non Reward Markers: Reducing the Use

It seems everyone has a slightly different slant on their application of Non Reward Markers (NRMs) in training. Here is a little more on my approach. First of all, I never use them in training during a value building session (shaping). Actually, I rarely use them at all while teaching anything. I can think of […]

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Punishment In Today’s Dog Training

I thought it was time to address my thoughts on the use, abuse, misuse and the misunderstanding of the “non reward marker” (NRM) in dog training A non reward marker is usually a word or phrase that when spoken to your dog, lets him know that no reward will be earned for that particular response. […]

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Head Halters VS A Flat Buckle Collar


Today I wrote a post for a training list about head halters being my tool of choice in training. I thought I would share it here with all of you. Don’t get me wrong, I want all of my dogs on a flat collar– it is easier on so may levels. However, I want the […]

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Who Drives Your Bus?

Following on from my blog post “Birds, Sheep, Rats and other Out of Control Rewards”…  So why do I believe it is easier for me to get control of a dog when in the presence of their highest value rewards than it may be for some of you? It is because that is the only […]

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Shaping Challenge

Okay, it is mid winter (for some, okay hard to imagine it as winter here in Florida). Here is a challenge for you all. Sometime before the weekend (that is two days) shape your dog to do something new. Come up with something not related to anything you have been working on. If you need […]

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Verbally Enthusiastic Workers

It wouldn

Recently I had someone ask me if I thought it would be a problem to let his dog bark while he shaped behaviours. First of all, the barking could be a sign that your dog training skills need to be sharpened. Perhaps have an experienced trainer watch you and give you their opinion.   Buzz […]

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Who’s Shaping Me?

Twister (1992-2008) working her chair routine

  Isn’t it funny how all of these posts on dogs shaping people have ended up having picture of a terrier with them. And not coincidentally many of your comments are about Jack Russell Terriers! Hmm, yes indeed terriers are just masterful at shaping their people. It is because they are so brilliant and have a tenacity […]

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Wild and Crazy Dogs!

The eyes told it all about then 7 week old Buzzy.

Yesterday I wrote a post for a clicker list in response to a question to helping out-of-control dogs. I decided this post needed to be shared with all of you that may not be on that list because it is highlits tons of resources to help anyone create harmony with their high drive dog. Out […]

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