Swagger and I are preparing for our upcoming trip to FCI World  Championships in Zaragoza, Spain representing Subaru Agility Team Canada.


In my preparations this week, I gave my “agility trial checklist” a once over to see if there were any needed “tweaks”.

As I was looking at my list I thought “this would be cool information for me to share with everyone”. So… what grew out of my own preparation is something I would like to share with you all. Follow along for the next few weeks as we travel to compete and I share tips for you to do your own personal best in agility.  Enjoy!

Agility Trial Success Tip #1: Set Goals!

It doesn’t matter if you are heading into a world championship or your first agility trial ever, you will always come home a success if you set out with clear goals. Break the weekend down into many events that you can goal set for. A “weekend” is made up of a set of runs and each run made from a set of skills you can evaluate to help you succeed in the future.


“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going…It’s as simple as that.”
~ Earl Nightingale

Today, I am grateful to Subaru Canada for their generous support of Team Canada as we head off to Spain for our biggest competition of the year.

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