Wow what a week it has been and it is only Thursday! Lynda has been here most of the week helping me put the finishing touches on our 5MinuteFormula for a Brilliant Recall Course. Β With so much to do at one point our multitasking made us feel a little bit like Lucy and Ethel in this clip at the chocolate factory.

I am happy to report Lynda and I faired out better than the ladies with the candy and we will be ready to open up registration in Recalls 2.0 by 1 PM today (at the latest). In the mean time be sure to hop over to the site (Β to see my final webinar in the Blueprint to Recall Success series. Today it is all about the “Do”

Today I am grateful for Lynda, Andrea and Jason who have all put in more hours than they should this week but I am happy to report there was a lot of laughing along the way!