Wow what a week it has been and it is only Thursday! Lynda has been here most of the week helping me put the finishing touches on our 5MinuteFormula for a Brilliant Recall Course.  With so much to do at one point our multitasking made us feel a little bit like Lucy and Ethel in this clip at the chocolate factory.

I am happy to report Lynda and I faired out better than the ladies with the candy and we will be ready to open up registration in Recalls 2.0 by 1 PM today (at the latest). In the mean time be sure to hop over to the site ( to see my final webinar in the Blueprint to Recall Success series. Today it is all about the “Do”

Today I am grateful for Lynda, Andrea and Jason who have all put in more hours than they should this week but I am happy to report there was a lot of laughing along the way!