I thought the title of this post sounded a bit naughty but I figured, at the very least, it would get your attention. Today I have a great surprise for everyone. If you are a newsletter subscriber, and have read my latest newsletter, you will know that I am planning on launching an e-course, likely next week.

I truly want to help people move forward with their dog training, but I have to admit, being away from home as much as I have lately, really does have its limitations, on so many levels. I can’t be everywhere at once, so I have to turn down far more teaching engagements then I accept.

That is why I wanted to give this a try.

What I have done for the last week is act as if all of you, from countries all over the world, have been sitting in my office as I presented mini courses each day to help you solve a problem or improve what you have got right now.

Can I really make a difference without you being right in front of me? For many of you that have written in over the past week, the answer apparently is “yes”.

More time at home means I can entertain you with pictures like this one of John on his tractor.

It is not that I will never do another seminar away from home, but  I can’t think of a better scenario; help a greater number of people improve their dog training skills and, at the same time, sleep in my own bed at night. To quote Zig Zigler (I love him) “You can get everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

More information on the e-course will follow next week but for now I have something special for you. I have a video clip that I am only making this available for the next week or so. This clip is 15 minutes long and it is content I am planning on using in a future DVD project . . . but you all can take a peak at it right now, as part of my commitment to this week-long-world-wide-seminar-experiment.

You have to sign in on the space provided in order to be able to watch the video. Those of you that sign in will be put on the “early bird list.” I will announce the opening of registrations to this list before any other,  giving the “early bird” folk the first shot at filling the new e-course.

So click on this link and I will be there personally to tell you what to do next. Once you have watched the clip, please come back here to leave a comment, letting me know what you think!

Today I am grateful for fresh ideas.