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Tag: dog training

The Two Way Communication of Training

Posted on 12/03/09 26 Comments 2x2 Weave Training DVD celebrates it

As we approach the one year anniversary of the release of my 2×2 Weave Training DVD I thought I would  welcome any questions you may have that I have not yet answered. By now there are likely thousands of people that have trained their dogs to weave using the 2×2 method. I get all kinds […]

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Irritation is Motivation

Posted on 07/14/09 13 Comments DeCaff in her prime, screaming across a dogwalk.

Irritation is motivation. Some of you may have heard me say this before.  When you are really irritated by something you will take action to change it. Those of you that are overweight right now are that way because it doesn’t bug you enough. When something irritates you enough your words and thoughts turn from […]

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Toilet Stretching

Posted on 11/24/08 10 Comments DeCaff Toilet Stretching (not this is a

No, toilet stretching isn’t some new plumbing innovation aimed at increasing the versatility of your crapper. It actually is a way I teach my dogs to give me a “sincere, all out, full-body-stretch.” Stick with me here, it really works. Years ago I tried to shape my dogs to stretch but it always ended up being only […]

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