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Tag: dog agility

Punishment: Pros and Cons

Posted on 04/02/10 16 Comments

Some great comments from yesterday’s post. Here is the kicker though, not all dogs that are trained with positive punishment will cower in fear or tuck their tail oreven dislike training.  The truth is, a very skill trainer that has brilliant timing can produce a seemingly happy working dog while using some pretty massive doses […]

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“There is a Better Way . . . Find it!”

Posted on 04/01/10 33 Comments

Everyone who does it, can sight (what they feel is) a valid reason for using positive (often physical) punishment in their dog training.   Many avenues of dog training still justify their choice of using physical punishment but claiming it is necessary. The truth is everyone that uses physical punishment must absolutely buy into the thought […]

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My Latest New Habit

Posted on 03/31/10 9 Comments

I have always been driven by the need to improve; myself, my dogs, my students, the world, whatever. Recent I have taken up a new habit which I would like to share because it has been a good one for me.  On and off in my life I have written in a journal. More recently […]

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Creating a Learning Environment

Posted on 03/28/10 7 Comments

It was hard to leave home again last Wednesday to head to my current teaching post in Finland, especially hard to leave Buzzy. Although he is much better I can’t help but feel the stress of me leaving may be contributing to his distress, but then I remember how very much Buzz loves John and […]

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Creating the Perfect TSS

Posted on 03/05/10 18 Comments

So, I have a workshop this weekend that I have never taught before. I can’t really go into too many details because I know some participants read my blog. In order for this curriculum to be successful, it needs to be mysterious and scary:). The topic of the workshop is dealing with trial stress or […]

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Shaping and Stuff

Posted on 03/02/10 11 Comments

Wrapping up some lose ends here. First of all thanks to everyone that contributed to the Shaping Challenge. I hope you all had fun and learned lots. I did promise I would reinforce one of you so the winner is  . . . Chelsea and Zoe.  I choose the winner very scientifically. I counted up […]

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Need Your Input

Posted on 02/23/10 44 Comments

First of all thank you. All of your comments and concern really did wonders to get me out of my funk yesterday. You guys rock, I mean that, thank you. Now I need some input. I know many of you live in areas where Lyme disease is pretty hot. When we called the Vet yesterday […]

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Whoa is Me

Posted on 02/22/10 42 Comments

I haven’t written much in the last week because honestly each time I try to write I am overwhelmed by depressing thoughts that I don’t think belong here. I have always preserved this blog to be as uplifting as possible. However, I figured maybe by writing about what has gotten me down, I can move […]

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Oh CANADA! . . . and a few other miscellaneous thoughts.

Posted on 02/15/10 11 Comments Our first Gold Medal at an Olympic Games held in Canada

First of all a big congratulations to Alexandre Bilodeau for bringing Canada it’s first ever Gold Medal at an Olympic Games that we where hosting (sadly in Montreal in ’76 and Calgary in ’88 we as a nation earned no gold medals). What a relief to finally got our first and what an awesome job […]

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Second Dog Syndrome

Posted on 02/09/10 26 Comments

I was talking recent to some friends about a phenomena I have observed in the dog world I like to describe as “The Second Dog Syndrome.” I thought I would offer a bit of advise on how to avoid it. First what is it. One would think that your second “agility” dog or “obedience” …

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