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Distraction Work in Dog Training: A Conversation Between Friends

Posted on 02/05/12 74 Comments

Recallers 3.0 is “officially” over in that the lessons and webinars have all been delivered. However the community is still wildly active inside. Many of the students are repeating the course all over again, as a group! Lynda O-H has been running a series of “Crate Games” challenges for everyone. Another amazing group of students (and staff) and […]

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Crate Games and the Question of Value

Posted on 01/17/11 15 Comments

I got a question on my YouTube site last week about Crate Games, but for some geek-type reason unknown to me, my response never gets through, so I thought, why not blog about it? Here is the original question; I have been using crate games video with my puppy. What do you do when the […]

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Start Line “Fun”

Posted on 02/01/10 14 Comments

I entitled this post Start Line “Fun” because for many of you, that is what is lacking. It has become more like Start Line “Hell” than Start Line Fun.  If you are trying to trick, intimidated or “force” your dog to wait for a release at the start line, I promise, it is unlikely to […]

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Start Line Brilliance Begins in the Dryer?

Posted on 01/27/10 26 Comments

I just wrapped up a workshop with young dogs getting ready to trial. I would say less than 30% of the group had really reliable start lines stays.  That is not a good sign. If you don’t have a start line routine before the dog sinks his teeth into how exciting agility can be, trust […]

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Crate Games, it is not just for breakfast anymore.

Posted on 02/16/09 23 Comments More distraction work through crate games.

I had small workshop here yesterday with 9, mostly adolescent dogs, and their handlers. It went quite well with a few “aah ha” moments and the odd “oh my” thrown in to balance things out.  We started the day with some grids and body awareness exercises and then finished up the afternoon with some handling […]

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Table Trading while Training (it’s a tongue-twister)

Posted on 12/03/08 16 Comments

Okay so this is the video clip I wanted to put up the other day. Not my best geek work but it gives you the idea of what I want to show. The whole routine just cracks me up. I am sure you guys will get a kick out if too.  So, heres the deal. […]

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