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The Less Obvious Lesson

My first run at the World Championships was going to teach or shall I say re-teach me a very important lesson and that was; read the course maps carefully and read the numbers as you do your walk through.  I was running on team. Canada was the second team in the ring so I in […]

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Back Home

I returned home from Germany late Sunday night and I arrived home with one of my airplane colds:(. Yesterday I slept . . . a lot! I have so much to share with all of you about my experiences at the World Championships in Germany and I promise I will get those lessons posted. Later. […]

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Is There a Difference?

Any of you that have been following this blog for a while know that I am all for positive thinking. Tony Robbins referrs to it as not creating self limited beliefs for yourself. In Shaping Success I wrote about how I learned from my mistakes of doing just that. When Buzzy was young (and a […]

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What is Holding You Back?

Canadians head south for a Florida agility trial.

You have heard the cliches like; you must risk much to gain much. It is so true especially when you are a student. This comes up now because today I start the first of 12 days teaching in Florida. I want so much for each student at these camps to get the most out of their […]

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Final Touches

Encore at 5 weeks of age already owned my heart.

Well, Encore and I leave on Sunday for the World Championships in Austria. I have chosen to drive to Montreal in order to get a direct flight for her. I really prefer when flying such a long distance that my dog has no plane transfer to endure (especially if it is in a city that […]

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Peaceful Success

Executing with Encore, two minds working as one.

Yesterday I started explaining my thoughts on the evolution of ourselves as competitors.  Remember Stage one was the “Romance Stage” where ignorance is bliss and we get extreme joy just watching our dog being able to do a sequence of 2 or 3 jumps in a row without going around one of them. Stage Two, […]

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An Epidemic of "Buck Fever"

My observations from the Ontario regionals this week can be summed up by a comment I am borrowing from a friend. I was talking to a business colleague yesterday and he used the phrase “Buck Fever.”  He spoke about how a marksman on the practice range can hit any target in any situation or environmental […]

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Message Deliveries & Getting the Most From a Coach

Over the course of my seminar presenting career I know I have helped a lot of dogs by sharing with their owners, the knowledge that I have gleaned from my mentors.  However, there have also been those students that did not hear the message as I intended and, for whatever reason, suffered a bruised ego […]

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