Recallers 2024 Video Contest Round One

Every dog has the potential to show their human just how brilliant they can be, and we’re sharing dog stories over the next few days to show how possible it is for your dog’s brilliance to shine. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I LOVE dog stories, and because you are here, we have a lot in common, because you love dog stories too, and you are in for a treat! (You can also check out the videos in Round Two and Round Three)

Each year, we highlight stories from our Recallers community, and it’s interactive because you can select the stories that touch your heart. Our Recallers are dog lovers just like you, with all different levels of experience, from all different backgrounds, from all around the world. And they decided to believe that their dog could be brilliant, decided to believe in themselves, and decided to take the chance to make what they wanted most of all for their life with their dog a reality.

It can be hard to believe that your dog is brilliant when you are in the midst of a struggle, overwhelmed, frustrated, unsure how to fix the things you want to fix, and constantly receiving unsolicited and conflicting advice. But there is hope, and I know that you and your dog can be brilliant.

Our world-renowned online dog training program, Recallers, will be open to join very soon, and there is no better way to show you how much can be possible when you do dog training differently, with kindness, fun and joy, than by sharing real-world stories.

Choose Your Favourite Two Videos and Vote Below

Over the next few days, we will be posting three semi-final rounds of short video stories for you to vote on. Pick your top two favourites in each round. We will finish the contest with the “Grand Finale” where the top six videos (the top two of each round as voted for by you) will go head to head to compete to be in the top three of the year. It’s your choice!

Scroll down to view the videos in Round One, and then click the button to cast your vote for the two that touched you the most.

We have incredible dog loving sponsors who have donated FANTASTIC prizes for the videos you vote to be the top 3 for 2024, and for 2 additional contestants chosen at random from all the other videos submitted. EACH of the top 3 winners plus the 2 random draw winners will receive a gift pack including the SIX amazing prizes listed below.

Recallers Gift Pack from 4MyMerles

The special gift pack features your very own Bitty Bumpy Plush Toy, PLUS a Clip Leash and Floppy Flyer. Each item is custom made and Recallers themed. Every day is game day with these gifts from 4MyMerles. Many of the toys and leashes you see Susan use are from the fantastic team at 4MyMerles!

2 Propel Air Platforms from Blue-9

Choose between Turquoise or Grey. Take your dog’s training to new heights with the first connective inflatable training platform made in the USA. Designed with Connection points and Pro-Gridlines, the Propel Air Platform offers you and your dog the most flexibility to reach your fitness goals. This fitness equipment is specifically designed to help increase balance, strength and flexibility for your canine athlete. Included in this kit are the connective straps and a pump for inflation.

As member of our community, you can receive 15% off with the Discount Code: DogsThat15

Dirty Dog Doormat by DGS Pet Products
Keep your floors pristine with the Dirty Dog Doormat, expertly designed to trap and absorb water, dirt, and mud, ensuring messes from your dog stay in the mat. Featuring Advanced Microfiber Technology, this doormat absorbs up to 7X its weight and dries 5X faster than ordinary mats. Soft, plush, and equipped with a super gripper backing to stay in place, it’s ideal for a variety of uses beyond just your doorway—perfect for cars, crates, and more. Plus, it’s machine washable for easy care.

An Eight Month Supply of 1TDC Dual Action (2 x 120 count)

1-TDC worksSOwell is America’s #1 supplement for Oral Health and Mobility. Susan’s dogs all take 1-TDC as she has seen great results first hand. 1-TDC is extremely tasty making it easy to give daily. It is also recommended by Veterinary experts worldwide to maintain and improve your pet’s Oral Health & Joint Health in ONE economical solution.

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A Full Year’s Access to “Wag Nation” and “Home School the Dog
Our Home School the Dog program made its debut in 2020 and has proved to be massively popular with first time pet owners and experienced dog trainers alike. Our Wag Nation membership is usually only available for Home School the Dog Alumni and brings monthly tricks to train and monthly deep dives into learning on anything to do with dogs. Home School the Dog creates an enriching environment at home that exercises your dog’s mind and body, delivers insights into training a great family pet, and grows your dog training and observation skills and mechanics in a game based positive reinforcement environment.

A Full Year’s Access to “Crate Games Online
“Crate Games” is the cornerstone of Susan’s unbelievably successful dog training program, and is extensively used and recommended by dog trainers and professional dog care providers around the globe. “Crate Games Online” is digital access to Susan’s world famous DVD! We have put the complete DVD including all chapters, 3 extra bonus videos and a few special PDF’s into this easy to use ONLINE format.

Now on to the videos! Below are the first 5 short stories, watch the videos and select the two you want to see go through to the final round!

Be sure to scroll down, select your two favorites, and then press the vote button!

1. Matt

2. Lisa

3. Katie

4. Melissa

5. Shelby

Today I am grateful for everyone who wants their dog’s brilliance to shine.

P.S. Currently, we are running a brand NEW free dog training video series online. It’s the Connected Dog: Season of Nuance, and if you’ve not already jumped in the doors are open wide and everyone is welcome.

If you sometimes doubt your dog can be brilliant and your training hasn’t given you the results you want, it could be down to the nuances of reinforcement. Our new free dog training series will change everything for the better!