We all love dogs, but when it comes to leash control, we sure are fractionated as a community. Yet this is one area where I think we can be united, even just as we pass each other at the park. Kind of like two Harley riders passing on a deserted highway.


We don’t have to know each other, and we don’t have to have the same views about life. We just have to pay homage to another dog lover out doing what we do with the dog that we love.

A dog walking on a leash could be a geriatric dog who is a little unstable. Maybe the dog is not feeling well or may have a contagious disease. Perhaps the dog is fearful of other dogs or could be a service dog. None of us would ever want to mess up somebody else’s dog.

What we can all do if we see that there’s a fellow dog owner walking with their dog on lead, is leash up our dog.  And then we can wave to that fellow dog lover, showing them that “the dog owner in me respects and honors the dog owner in you”.

Do you see how this interaction is going to break down the fence? It doesn’t matter what your opinion is about dogs being leashed or not, or if they should be allowed to visit. It’s about acknowledging and respecting the decisions and choices of each other because you both love dogs.

The “Leashed Up Wave”… right now it’s just an idea, but it could be a movement… or better yet, a way for dog lovers to show kindness at a time when the world could be helped with some coming together.

Let me know in the comments if you walk your dog on leash or off. And please share this vlog with your dog loving friends, family and community, because each of us can make a positive difference to the life of dogs and their people everywhere.

Today I am grateful for all the dog lovers out there respecting and honoring each other with kindness and understanding.