Things have been a little weird around here since we welcomed Momentum’s litter of four puppies. Weird in a good way, and I’m preoccupied with puppiness. Which might not be a word. There have been a lot of requests for photos, so today my blog has puppy pics for you. We also get a lot of requests for my puppy resources, so I’ll link to the most popular below the photos for you.

It would be no surprise that I’ve been posting photos to Instagram and Facebook, and in the comments there have been a lot of great questions about breeding and raising puppies. My answer is always the same. If this is something that you have an interest in or want to know more about, I’d highly recommend you join the Avidog program for breeders. Even if you are experienced, you should check this out. I’ve been breeding dogs since the 80’s (around every 4 or 5 years), and let me tell you, this group is phenomenal and you will learn so much.

One of these puppies will be my next dog, and I believe I knew which puppy the night they were born. Stevie, David, Alexis and Moira are nicknames. I’ve had the name of my “next dog” in mind before the puppies arrived. There are many considerations to naming, and many ways to go about choosing a name. I covered my thoughts on the topic on my podcast, so after you have checked out the pics, head over to Shaped By Dog Episode 13: Naming Your Puppy or Dog to watch or listen.

On with the puppy spam. Can you guess which puppy will be staying with me?


As promised, here are some of my most popular resources for puppies.

It’s exciting to be raising puppies, as well as knowing that one will be staying with me. I’ll be sharing the adventures with you as there’s sure to be lots of new learning coming up. Let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular you’d like me to cover about raising a puppy to be an awesome family member.

Today I am grateful for John Hill, official puppy photographer!