Did you know not all dog toys are created equal? If you have a new puppy, or have recently adopted a dog or are looking for ways to grow a closer relationship with your companion, picking the right toys will help.

In the video below, I cover toys I DO NOT recommend and why, and share about the toys that I think are the BEST so that training is faster, easier and more effective (and of course FUN for both you and your dog!)


Looking for dog toys for our dog is something many of us enjoy. But there are some toys that are appropriate and some you might choose to bypass. An example is balls. It can be really difficult to be interactive with your dog if your dog has learned to play without you… and downright frustrating if he has learned to play ‘keep-away’. Retrieving is a great skill to teach your dog. You can learn about playing ‘fetch’ in my vlog “How to Teach a Puppy to Retrieve“.

Other toys that might not lend themselves to interaction with us are the toys that make silly noises or toys that can be easily pulled apart or damaged. Avoid toys that potentially have something your puppy or dog could remove and swallow.

Toys with some length are often ideal. With a toy like a long braided tug, you can snake it on the ground and get your puppy or dog excited about it and use it for a fun game of tug with you. There are many toys that are great for interaction with you that your dog will love.

Toys that inspire interaction between us and our dog are better for building a relationship of mutual fun!

If your dog might not be interested in playing with toys, I’ve got tips for you to help in “How to Create a Motivating Toy“.

While balls not might be my first choice for a puppy toy, they sure do make for a great photo opportunity.


What is your dog’s favourite toy? Let me know in the comments! It’s no secret that I love looking for toys and have quite a large collection for my dogs.

Today I am grateful for the mutual fun my dogs and I have playing together.