This past weekend I was in Chicago for business meetings… and happened to arrive a day early. What to do?  If you have an interest in animal training, you might immediately think of Shedd Aquarium when you hear “Chicago”… so that is where we went! Thanks to the wonderful Shelley Wood, we were able to meet Madelynn Hettiger for a look “behind the scenes”. Madelynn graciously went live with me on Facebook for a chat, and that video is below for you.

It’s always fabulous to learn from other positive based animal trainers about the parallels with the species they train and what we do in dog training. It’s important for animals to be happy and cooperate in their own care… the animal has a choice and the animal is in control of their training session. Would your dog accept having his eye worked on by a veterinarian without restraint or sedation? Madelynn worked with a Great Horned Owl on this very thing and shares how this was trained with us.


Shedd Aquarium is an amazing facility that has a focus on education and conservation. I highly recommend that if you’re in the Chicago area, you visit Shedd and learn about the work they are doing. There are so many parallels with how we train our dogs, and we are all looking to change the lives of animals for the better.

Today I am grateful to Madelynn for chatting live with me, and for a great weekend in Chicago.