Recallers 2018 Video Contest Round Two

If you have just joined us, we are sharing videos from our Recallers members for you to view and vote on. We LOVE celebrating dogs and the people who care for them by highlighting their stories. The videos represent many thousands of people and dogs the world over. Today is Round Two of  our video contest. There is still time to view and vote on the videos in Round One and Round Three. If you are a dog lover who is committed to your dog, you will be sure to enjoy the short video stories just as much as we do. If you are inspired by these videos and want to learn more about our online “Recallers” program just sign up for our “Recallers Wait List” with the form found on this page.

Vote Below for Your Two Favourites

Scroll down to watch the five videos below and vote for your two favourites. (Remember: as you are voting, you must select both at the same time before you click the “vote” button). Then, stay tuned as we will release the final five videos in the semi-finals for you to vote on tomorrow.

At the end of the three semi-final rounds, we will take the top two videos from each round as voted by you, and they will go head to head in the “Finale” to decide the top three prize winners. We will also be drawing two prize winners at random from all our entries. Our sponsors are amazing!

Thank you to our wonderful Sponsors for these great prizes!

Recallers Gift Pack from 4MyMerles

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An Eight Month Supply of (2 x 120 count) 1-TDC Dual Action from Elite Science
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Round Two Video Stories! Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to select your two favourite videos for  Round Two.

1. Klara


2. Lea


3. Franna


4. Christine


5. Kim


Round Two Voting Results

  • 1. Klara (35%, 315 Votes)
  • 5. Kim (21%, 187 Votes)
  • 4. Christine (17%, 157 Votes)
  • 3. Franna (15%, 133 Votes)
  • 2. Lea (12%, 107 Votes)

Total Voters: 558

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View our Winners Announcement for the 2018 Recallers Video Contest.

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Today I am grateful to you for enjoying the video stories that everyone has put so much love into creating, and for honouring your favourites with your vote!