Have you ever taken a moment to try and see the agility course from your dog’s perspective? The colours, the obstacle placement, the view our dogs see from their level? (Yep, this might mean getting on all fours!)

I recently did this after reading a great article written by Nicki Gurr from AniMotion Agility. Nicki is an avid and accomplished agility competitor, judge and instructor, and her article is called the “Dog’s Eye View”.  When I read “Dog’s Eye View” I knew instantly I needed to interview Nicki and share this awesome information with you guys.

Now I feel I must warn you that what you’re about to find out could completely transform the way you think about the colours you see in agility…

In this video interview with Nicki Gurr you’ll discover:

  • What your dogs actually see when you’re training them,
  • Why colour selection matters,
  • How to test your dog’s vision,
  • And how to set your dog up for training success!


This important information transcends dog agility and applies to many dog sports and even daily life.

Today I’m grateful for having the ability to walk in my dog’s shoes and the awesome technology available to us that helps us take a sneak peek into our dog’s world.