Welcome to Round Three of our Handling360 video contest. The video stories represent everyone who wants to be the very best they can be for their dog, bringing confidence and joy to their dog through agility. Scroll down for the videos and pick your two favourites! If you are just joining us, you can still watch the Round One and Round Two videos and vote for your favourite stories in the “Grand Finale” round.

For those of you who have been around awhile you know that a video contest means we will be opening up our agility handling program soon… and you would be right! If you are inspired to raise the level of success and fun in agility for you and your dog and want to learn more, just fill in your name and email address after clicking on our H360 notification list on the right hand side of this page.

It’s Your Choice

Watch the five videos below and honour your two favourites with your vote! (Remember: as you are voting, you must select both at the same time before you click the “vote” button, as you can only submit your vote once).

Tomorrow we will take the top two videos from the three semi-final rounds as voted by you, and they will go head to head in the “Grand Finale” to decide the top three prize winners. We will also be drawing two prize winners at random from all our entries. Our sponsors have outdone themselves!

Gratitude to our AMAZING Sponsors!

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Vote for your favourite two stories below! Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to select your two favourite videos for Round Three. Who will you choose?

1. Alisha

2. Nicole

3. Vycki

4. Alison

5. Lee

Round Three Voting

Voting Results

  • 3. Vycki (29%, 202 Votes)
  • 1. Alisha (22%, 157 Votes)
  • 2. Nicole (19%, 134 Votes)
  • 4. Alison (15%, 107 Votes)
  • 5. Lee (15%, 103 Votes)

Total Voters: 436

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The “Grand Finale” Round is open for voting, your vote decides the winners. Be sure to visit the final round and vote for the two stories that touch you the most!

Today I am grateful for our amazing sponsors who so generously support our community!

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