jan Do ever you look at your current agility life and believe there are things that are just impossible for you and your dog? That your thinking isn’t being a “pessimist”, rather you are just being a “realist”. Do you believe there are limits on what you can achieve as a handler because of your current life circumstances? And that there are limits to what your dog can achieve with you as the handler? Do you think of those limits? Well, I hope after today you break through that glass ceiling that has held you down, and think in terms of all that is possible rather than impossible.

For example, if you were living in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, in a small flat, would you think training a skilled agility dog would be possible for you? What if you also had virtually no backyard or garden, and any time you wanted to practice you had pack your jumps into your tiny car (of course your car is tiny, living in this large city) and drive to the nearest park to practice. What does your agility look like now?

I’d like you to meet Jan and her working Cocker “Halle”, a student in my online Handling360 program. I hope her agility journey will be as inspiring to you as it is to me.

Each impossibility we have in our lives has one thing in common… within the word impossible, you can find the word POSSIBLE always hiding, testing you to see how much courage you have. Because the best things in life are the things we had to stretch to find… the ones outside of our comfort zone.

So maybe you do agility, but really have not had much success. You consider yourself, as I recall one American student of mine referring to herself, as “M.A.C.H. fodder”, implying that she and her dog were running in the class, just there to allow the “best dogs” to earn more points when they win the classes she was running in. So perhaps you have been doing agility for years with your dogs without ever really winning the “big class”. You are now not the youngest person in the sport, nor are you the fastest handler around the ring. What are your possibilities? Would you think a Gold Medal at a world championship?

Enter another of our Handling360 students. This is Jen, and her Border Collie “Spud” that is her story exactly.

In both Jan’s and Jen’s Handling360 case studies, you can see how each looked for possibilities. They were persistent.  jen

We have heard from many of you during the past week as we share our Handling360 video series, that you are seeking solutions, and wondering if your own “impossibilities” can be overcome.

To help you, I would like to invite you to sit in as a guest on an upcoming Handling 360 Coaching Session tomorrow evening (that is, Monday February 15th starting at 7 PM ET).

The goal of these sessions is for me to bring clarity to anything our Handling360 students would like to focus on. This Monday, I will be sharing a secret that I’ve been keeping without knowing it. I had a big “ah ha” moment recently about distance work with agility dogs. It will even be enlightening to my H360 peeps during this coaching session. Also during Monday’s session, since there will be so many “guests” in attendance, I will also spend time answering any questions you may still have about being a member of our Handling360 community or about handling in general.

Being a “guest” during our session is free. However, I will ask that you register in advance so we will know how many “virtual guests” to expect.

Your Invitation to a Free Online Coaching Session

When: Monday, February 15th, 2016

Time: 7.00 pm ET (Toronto Time)

Where: Register to Join in by clicking this link

How: All you need to do is be online at 7.00 pm ET on Monday, on the webpage for our coaching session, and you can join in as we are streaming live directly to you!

Your Handling 360 Questions: We LOVE your questions.  Ask them in the comments section below and we will answer as many as we can on Monday.

 “Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.” – Anon

We are looking forward to helping you find your solutions on Monday.

Today I am grateful to Jan and Jen for searching out possibilities for their dogs, for being courageous, taking chances and not giving in to limiting beliefs. Most of all I am grateful to these two ladies for  sharing their stories with the world.

If you seem stuck under your own glass ceilings one of my favourite resources is Guy Hendrick’s “The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level.” It is truly a life altering book…a must read for all. I have it on audio book and have listened to it three of four times since it first came out in 2010.

And speaking of breaking through glass ceilings of your own, if  you haven’t already seen the last video in our recent agility handling series, here is the link   http://my.handling360.com/video-4  Let me know if my description of a day at an agility trial strikes a nerve with you.