goal-settingLast week I was out in Los Angeles at a three day business workshop. Sitting in the meeting my mind drifted towards dog training and today’s vlog was born. My mind drifting is not a reflection of the presentation I was listening to…  as my friend, Annie Hyman Pratt from I M P A Q Entrepreneur, did a fantastic job. Its just that no matter what I am learning it some how all comes back to behaviour and dog training for me.

So thank you Annie for the inspiration for todays vlog! Goal setting,.. do you do it? If so how often? Do you think about your own “boundaries of acceptable behaviours?” Let me know if today’s video was helpful.


Today I am grateful for John, who never complains when I run out of town for these 3 and 4 day workshops, it sure is easier doing what I do having someone supportive in my corner.