The Championship Round is Here!

The day has arrived. This has truly been a team effort, first my Say Yes team narrowed down a long list of amazing videos to only 15… then we called on you to help us narrow those down to just six. And now here we are with the top six videos competing for THREE winning spots. Yes that’s right, our generous sponsors have donated prizes to the top three winners. Not only that, but we are also drawing a further two prize winners at random from all our entries, so in total we have five winners. A big shout out to our sponsors!

Before we begin the voting I want to thank each and every one of you for your votes, we couldn’t have done this alone. To our H360 students, I also want to thank each of you who submitted a video, you should all be proud. The videos shared have tugged at our heartstrings, made us laugh, cheer and have inspired us. An amazing group of dog lovers and owners!

For those of you who haven’t joined us for the other days of voting, please make sure to view the videos in our semi-final rounds on Day One, Day Two and Day Three of this contest… they are definitely worth watching! Also, take a cruise around YouTube and type in “Dog agility with Handling360 is” to see all our entries.

Your Vote Decides the Winners

Watch the six videos below and vote for your favourite three. This decision may be the most difficult one yet!  Voting will stay open until midnight tonight (Eastern Time).  Best of luck to everyone!

Here are the Prizes from our Amazing Sponsors! 

4MyMerles – a gift basket STUFFED with fabulous items including a Handling360 Floppy Flyer, a Handling360 Hat, a Handling360 Clip Leash and limited edition Handling360 Hoodie.



It’s Possible! – To learn how best to work with your dog’s new FitBone…why not learn from the best! A gift certificate gives you a 30 minute online private consult with iconic Canine Exercise and Physio experts Robby Porter and Lindsey Hinds.



FitPawsA FitBone…I LOVE using FitBones with my dogs of all ages, the things you can do are ENDLESS.

body awareness

Vote for your THREE Favourite Videos

Rebecca – Dog Agility with Handling 360 is the Path to the Future

Mathilde – Dog Agility with Handling 360 is the safe road to the sky

Laura – Dog Agility with Handling 360 gave me my dog back

Shelly – Dog Agility with Handling 360 is what we LOVE to do !!

Katherine – Dog Agility with Handling 360 is my life line.

Irene – Dog Agility with Handling 360 is the complete set of skills to agility success.

Championship Round

Here are results of our Championship Round voting:

  • Laura (26%, 586 Votes)
  • Irene (25%, 568 Votes)
  • Rebecca (15%, 335 Votes)
  • Shelly (14%, 326 Votes)
  • Katherine (11%, 262 Votes)
  • Mathilde (9%, 218 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,171

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A final thank you to our amazing sponsors for donating such WONDERFUL prizes!

If you are inspired to raise the level of success and fun in agility for you and your dog, be sure to sign up for my upcoming  free Handling360 video series.  Just scroll up and fill in your name and email address in the registration box found to the right of this blog post.

Today I am grateful for the dogs in our lives, they make our lives whole and each dog brings new learning opportunities for us.