Krinna and Naomi.I’m sure you have life long friendships that got their roots somewhere in dog sports. Meet Krinna and Naomi two friends who were strangers prior to talking to each other about mutual struggles in a dog agility class. Both ladies travelled up to Canada last year to take part in our summer camp. Both are fairly new to agility. At the time of this interview Naomi had been an online student with us in Handling360 for just over a year and Krinna for 6 months.  I think you will enjoy their vulnerability and candidness. I love what Naomi says about people who struggle with their handling…such amazing insight from a relative new comer to the sport.

Yes Naomi handling is all about having clarity for your dog and speaking the same language. Please let Naomi and Krinna know how their story moved you by leaving them a comment below. Thank you ladies!

Today I am grateful for Krinna and Naomi, for inspiring us all to focus on our goals and keep working through our struggles.