Celebrating Recallers and the Dog Loving Community World Wide!

This year is the 5th Year Anniversary of something very special …”Recallers”. To celebrate over this past week we have brought you a Best of the Best Recallers Video Contest, as voted on by you. Today is the day that our “Champion of the Champions” is announced!

The success of our program lies not only in the content and instruction but in the exceptional online community of dog lovers that make up our Recallers family. Each and every one of our students is a winner, and every person has a story that has touched the lives of others. The videos we have seen represent the unique journey of  each member of our Recallers family.


Our Celebration News – Reserve your FREE Recallers Guest Pass!

The news about our upcoming Recallers has been revealed, click this link to learn more. We are opening the doors of our Critical Core for free! We are looking forward to EVERYONE becoming part of the Recallers family.

Back to the “Champion of the Champions” Announcement!

Congratulations to Diane Lewis with her video “Lost and Found”! Your choice for Champion of the Champions.  We are excited to announce that the prize is something very special – a full year membership to our Inner Circle! Check out Diane’s video one more time below.

Diane Lewis – Lost and Found

Even though voting has closed, you can watch the Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 videos, and see who was in the Grand Finale, each story is worth viewing.  If you are inspired and want to learn more about our online Recallers program just sign up for our “Recallers Wait List” with the form found to the right of this post.

Thank you to each and every person in our Recallers family past, present and future, for celebrating with us this week!