If you are like me, then you love a good story. Stories take you away for a moment, maybe teach you something or lightens your mood. Over the next week I am going to share with you 24 amazing stories. Some will make you laugh out loud, some may move you to tears, where others might give you reason to ponder about how closely they resemble your own life with your dog!

Each day for the next four days we are going to share six very short videos (averaging 2-3 minutes) depicting “JOY” between dogs and his agility handlers. As you are entertained I am going to ask you to help us out.

IMG_6486Over the past couple of weeks our Handling360 students have been sharing their amazing stories by way of a video which we have now put into a little contest!

With more than 150 very creative videos, it was a challenge for us to narrow it down to just our favourite 15…and in the end we just couldn’t do it! So we have decided to choose our top 24 (and trust me that was still a challenge) and leave the rest up to you our community! Now we are asking your help to narrow down those 24 to just the top three!

It does gets easier for you as you will only have 6 videos each day for you decide which ones touch you the most. The criteria is entirely up to you. You might vote for the funniest video or the one that reminds you most of you and your dog’s story, or the video that warms your heart or of course…you can just vote for your friends! Voting is totally up to you as you select our winners.

On the final day of voting, the top two videos from each day will go head to head in our Championship round! From those eight videos will come your three favourites. Because every video in our contest has really been nothing short of amazing…we will also be randomly choosing two additional videos to also win one of our “Champions” prize…so five winners in total!

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By now you may be wondering what exactly that prize will be? Each of our five winners will receive an additional full year access our Handling360 membership site! And as an additional surprise for each of those five lucky winners, the good folks at FitPaws is giving each of those five winners their very own FitBone balance disc! (love, love, love my FitBone).

One of the super cool things about these videos is that they are from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Today’s videos are from two teams from the UK, two from Australia, one from New Zealand and one from Singapore. How cool is THAT!

Once you have watched the video and make your vote I would love to hear YOUR story. What do you think causes you any momentarily lack of connection or even frustration with your own agility dog?

Today I am grateful for such an amazing community of like-minded dog trainers all working toward the same goal of pursuing handling excellence in agility. Without further ado, let’s kick off our first day of voting with our first six AMAZING videos!

P.S. Day Two, Day Three and Day Four Videos are now live as well…click each link to see more amazing stories!

Editors note: Click this link to see who made the final round of voting!

1) Louise McCulloch- Agility Training with Handling 360 is a game changer.


2) Jan Furzer- Agility Training with Handling360 is just what we were looking for!


3) Charlotte Rundgren- Agility Training with Handling360 is simply the best!


4) Tracey Harrison-Hill- Agility Training with Handling360 makes the daunting do-able!


5) Tin Eng Tan- Agility Training with Handling360 is enlightening.


6) Sonja Pfister- Handling360….our journey so far.


*If you are having trouble voting please try either 1) Clearing your cache or 2) trying a new browser

Vote for your 2 favourites below!

  • 3) Charlotte Rundgren- Agility Training with Handling360 is simply the best! (22%, 497 Votes)
  • 5) Tin Eng Tan- Agility Training with Handling360 is enlightening. (21%, 469 Votes)
  • 1) Louise McCulloch- Agility Training with Handling 360 is a game changer. (17%, 380 Votes)
  • 4) Tracey Harrison-Hill- Agility Training with Handling360 makes the daunting do-able! (15%, 330 Votes)
  • 6) Sonja Pfister- Handling360....our journey so far. (13%, 286 Votes)
  • 2) Jan Furzer- Agility Training with Handling360 is just what we were looking for! (13%, 282 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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