By now you may have heard registrations are now open for my latest online handling classes “Handling360.”  handling360_whiteThis is different than any other project I have ever presented before. The four main handling classes I normally only make available here at Say Yes are now being rolled out all in one online class.

Handling360 is comprised of our four core courses.

Prep Class is a place were you will learn more about yourself. Focus here is on the human mechanics of the agility team.

Your next class “Confidence Building Flatwork” focuses on the creating muscle memory for what the dog needs to do around an agility course. It is the dog training of handling …and that is what stands Handling360 apart.

These first two classes bring you 10 weeks of lessons that can all be done in an area as small as your living room!

Next up is “Blueprint for Handling.” Here we merge your mechanical skills with your dog’s understanding as we put together the pieces of the agility teamwork dance during your next 8 week class.

Many of you may choose to start the Blueprint Class after only a week or two of Flatwork…not a problem as these two classes can easily be worked coincidentally.

Now you are ready for your “Triple Double.” These 16 weeks of agility sequencing classes will help you to grow as a team working longer sequences but all done in a very small  35’ x 80’ area. Once you have mastered all of our Triple Double sequences there will be no agility course you won’t know how to undertake.

Your final class is  24 weeks of “Course Work” this is for those of you are ready to set up and run full courses or those of you just wanting to drop in and watch the progress of others who are running the courses.

And we haven’t even got to the FOUR additional bonuses that focus on Puppies, Jumping, Tight Turns and  Mental Prep.

Yes myself and my instructors will be here for you all year to answer your questions and coach you to agility handling success.

Yes we will have a “video lounge” were you can share your videos for myself, my instructors and our entire community to comment upon.

Yes there is a LOT of content in Handling360. Actually there are thousands of dollars worth of value in this one course and I promise this is the only time we will ever offer it all bundled in one online class. It is our “inaugural handling class” and we are putting in a lot of extras for you!

No I don’t expect any of you to get through it all during the year (some of you might, but most of you won’t).

Does that mean you won’t get your full value if there is a part of the course you don’t “get to?”  Of course not.

Do you realize the average iPhone owner only uses 3% of the capabilities of their phone?

That’s right 3%!images

But when Apple announces an upgrade do any of us freak out saying;


Heck no we don’t … and why?

Because we have got FULL value by using what we NEEDED  of the tool that we love!

I know of people who joined my online class “Say Yes to Contact Success” with no interest in the core focus the “stopped contact” training … all they wanted was the bonus of the “running contact” package. Most of our SYCS students took what was needed for their dog and where thrilled with the results!

When I was struggling with my jump training with Buzz back in the ‘90s if someone had said to me for $1,000 I can help Buzz be a more successful jumper I would have been ALL OVER IT! So for some of you, Handling360 will be solely about one of our bonuses!

The value in Handling360 will be different for each of you. It may be all about our Puppy Start, or Tight Turns or our bi-weekly lessons that run throughout the entire year. Cool!

Stay focused, take the path that best suits your needs. It will be different for each of you and that is perfectly OK!

Here is your link to learn more about Handling360 … registration closes at midnight on Thursday.

But first, we will be having a live webinar on Wednesday night (February 12th) night at 6:30 PM (Toronto or New York time). You will be able to access the webinar at You can leave your questions for me here. Anything you would like to know about Handling360 or about my handling in general? Just leave a comment for me here and I will address it during our live webinar!

Today I am grateful for the AMAZING feedback from our current Handling360 students. YOU GUYS ROCK!