Do you have a senior dog?  Do you have a young dog and would like some tips to keep him active and healthy into his senior years?

Well until 13th of January, my eBook, Anti-Aging Tips for Dogs, is  FREE on Amazon!

Anti–Aging Tips  provides tips and training advice to help keep your dog “forever young”. Keeping our dogs mentally engaged and physical fit is a priority when enjoying our dog. The educational ebook is a quick and handy reference for you that you can load onto your smart phone, tablet or computer.


It is a resource that should be in the library of ever dog owner world wide!

And remember, you  don’t need a Kindle to access the book, there are several apps you can load directly to onto your computer check those out HERE.

Here are some reviews from those who have already enjoyed our Ebook!
By Susan A. Frankel
It is truly sad to see our beloved dogs growing old and being left more and more out of the action. This concise book with links to related videos is a great overview of simple changes we can make to keep our relationships with our dogs fresh and mutually enriching for a lifetime
By Mini Cooper Germin
This is a great resource full of information and tips on helping your dog to stay young and get the most out of life at any age. I particularly loved the part on Big Adventure Time (BAT) and watching the video clip of Buzzy in the pool just made me smile.
This is really helping me continue to enrich the life of my 11 1/2 year old Golden. Ms. Garrett’s suggestions and techniques are enjoyable for us together. I’m a senior too! Love the BAT concept. No matter how busy or tired I am, we always get in BAT each day. Thank you for such a wonderful resource!

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buzzy meme5Today I am grateful for all of my past dogs and our shared experiences that brought this ebook into being.