When it comes to dog training, I recognize that everyone is in a different place in their journey.  Your needs may differ based on the challenges you face with your pet, your experience level, your goals for your dog (dog sports? obedience? Or just a happy, well-behaved family pet?), and finally, your age.

That is why from time to time we set out gather opinions and information from our students evaluating how you all are progressing and what role we can play to help further that journey. That’s why you’ll see me asking for your help in filling out surveys, or encouraging you to join in a conversation in the comments section below a video or blog post. It is with your feedback that we can create programs and products that will help you in your training.

Earlier this year Say Yes Dog Training had the honour of being a gold level sponsor at the first ever Canadian Junior Agility Championships. Although I have no children of my own I am so inspired by what these kids are accomplishing with their dogs. We are happy to be part of the Junior Championships as it grows. So happy as a matter of fact we have taken on a Junior Handler to act in the role of our Puppy Peaks reporter!

When the idea of having a Jr. Handler Report came up I thought, what  fantastic idea, it so aligns with my focused vision of bettering the lives of dogs and “their people” worldwide. Having a junior report allows our message of reinforcement based dog training to continue to grow on all levels of dog ownership!

Libby, Junior Reporter for Say Yes

Meet Libby, our new Junior Reporter for Say Yes!

Libby has agreed to document her experience as she works through each month of Puppy Peaks videos with her dog, Elliot, as well as as guest appearances by a friend’s dog, Riley.  She is writing a monthly “peeks” of Puppy Peaks from her perspective:  a young fresh dog trainer, new to the Puppy Peaks program, and eager to learn! By Libby sharing in how Puppy Peaks is changing her life I am hoping she may also inspire our readers, both young and the young-at-heart alike, to take strides out of their comfort zone with their own dog training.

We are so excited to welcome Libby to the Say Yes team, and can’t wait to hear what she has to say about Puppy Peaks, and learn more about how the program aids in her’s, Elliot’s, and Riley’s journeys through “Do-Land!” Libby’s first blog report will be up tomorrow!

Welcome to Do-Land, Libby! We’re so happy to have you!

Today I am grateful for all of the junior handlers out there who are actively seeking out a better relationship with their family pet by putting education, innovation and what is FUN for the dog at the centre of all they do together!