Day 3 of the Recallers 4.0 video contest is upon us!  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to come to the blog to vote and leave your feedback in the comment section.  We agree with everyone – it is hard to choose just two each day!  The competition has been close, and our top 15 videos should be proud…it’s quite an accomplishment to be chosen out of 26o videos!  Great work to everyone who submitted a video for this year’s contest!

For those of you who are just joining us, last week we ran a video contest for the past students of my course, The Five Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall (which will be opening again soon)!  We asked that the videos be about their experience in the course; what they learned, how it changed our lives…anything that they wanted to say about Recallers.  And what a response we got!  We received over 26o videos singing praises about the course!  We watched all of the videos, looking for creativity and originality, a strong message, and anything that we felt really portrayed the “essence” of Recallers.  The decision was really tough, but we narrowed it down to the Top 15.

Now it’s up to you!

You get to choose the winners!  For the last 2 days, we’ve posted 5 of the top 15 videos.  If you haven’t voted yet!  You can still vote on the Day 1 videos here, and the Day 2 videos here!   Today we have posted the final 5 videos of the top 15.  Scroll down to watch the videos and vote for your  2 favourite videos!  Then on Sunday, we’ll take the top 2 videos from all 3 days, and have those 6 videos go head to head in one final day of voting!

We will choose 3 winners, who will receive an awesome price pack totaling over $300 in value!

Here are the prizes!

Susan’s Favourite Things Prize-Pack (the 2013 Edition):

1.) Each winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to – an online retailer of “All things dog!” sells everything from books, to dog show supplies, eBooks, DVDs, and so much more!  If you have a minute, check out the website – I know you’ll agree that this gift certificate will be TOO EASY to spend!  🙂 - a sponsor of the Recallers 4.0 video contest

2.)  Each winner will also receive a prize bundle from Agility Q totaling $100 in value!  Each prize pack will include a harness, all-in-one leash, and rainbow wraps!  Agility Q specializes in custom dog agility collars and leashes that are both soft AND stylish!  And the best part – they are personalized and custom made for your dog!  You can see how much Swagger loves his Agility Q collar in the picture below!  🙂


3.)  A $100 gift certificate to one of my online courses or live events at Say Yes!  Say Yes has been busy lately working on course openings for 2013, so I know you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use this credit in the coming months!

Now, onto the videos!  Watch the following 5 videos, then cast your vote for your two favorites at the bottom of this page!  Congrats to our top videos and thanks to all of you who entered!

1.) Sheri Grantham


2.) Leena Inkilä


3.) Pavla Klučková


4.) Marose Magpily


5.) Sharon McMahon


Vote for your favourite Day 3 video below!

  • Video 1: Sheri Grantham (34%, 420 Votes)
  • Video 5: Sharon McMahon (22%, 262 Votes)
  • Video 3: Pavla Klučková (20%, 247 Votes)
  • Video 4: Marose Magpily (15%, 179 Votes)
  • Video 2: Leena Inkilä (9%, 115 Votes)

Total Voters: 863

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Thanks for voting! Don’t forget to vote for Day 1 videos and Day 2 videos too!