I am writing today’s blog between tears as my 8 year old Border Collie Encore is in an emergency clinic fighting for her life; I am asking for your healing prayers.

Encore’s health issues started about 3 1/2 years ago when she had some sort of tick born illness. She has had reoccurrences of issues off and on since that time. Two weeks ago she stopped eating and was very lethargic, her temperature normal all but one day where it spiked for few hours at 104. She has had a series of blood and urine tests all pointing towards nothing other than a healthy dog. I took her to a holistic vet who thought it was once again the tick born issues and treated her with some tinctures, doxycycline and light therapy which seems to make an amazing difference pretty much immediately. With Encore seeming to be back to be her old self again for almost a full week, I was encouraged enough to make the trip to Florida where Feature was to be representing Canada at the AKC Invitationals.  The holistic vet however advised that I leave Encore at home to rest. So off John and I went in the RV taking only Feature and Swagger.

All reports from home where great ones. Encore was romping, having a blast her normal happy self. However two days ago she showed some signs of ataxia; a minor lack of co-ordination and weird movement with her right front leg. The vet thought perhaps a middle ear infection. Lynda gave me regular updates that Encore was happy, eating, drinking, being her normal self except for this weird front leg movement.

Then yesterday I got a phone call from my friend and Encore’s rehab vet,  Dr. Leslie (Lynda was too upset to call) that Encore went down with a massive seizure. She was rushed to the emergency clinic where they could not stop the seizing. The decision was made to put her into a state of unconsciousness. Under an ongoing maximum does of phenobarbital and valium she lays resting but they have been unable to bring her out without the seizures starting again.

Meanwhile John and I packed the motorhome and headed home. I wanted to fly but that would have been unfair to John to leave him to drive alone. Encore is as much his dog as mine and in many ways more. Having Feature and Swagger with us packing us all up to get on a plane did not seem as reasonable as driving the 21 hours home. Because of my emotional state John didn’t want me to do any of the driving so as I type he has driven straight through with just a brief 5 hour stop for him to get some sleep.

The goal with Encore’s vets is to stabilize her enough to get her to a neurologist. Although the situation seems bleak, I have not given up hope. Last night I thought I would post a note to Facebook because I know many will be wondering why Feature and I did not show up at the Invitational. However I mostly posted because I know God hears our prayers. Just twelve hours after I posted about Encore’s struggles there have been more than 600 messages from people lending their prayers and healing thoughts Encore’s way. Thank you everyone. Not only are your messages helping me to pass the time on our long drive back to Canada but God promises where two or more of His followers are gathered together He will be here amoungst us. With the hundreds that have written in, surely we must have His attention.

Today I am thankful for all of your prayers, for all of the vets helping Encore; especially Dr. Alix, Dr. Leslie and Dr. Kelly and the staff at the London Emerg Clinic and last but not least,  I will be forever eternally grateful for my good friend Lynda Orton-Hill who has done everything she could for Missy En, including sleeping in her car in the parking lot of the Emerg Clinic when at 1:30 AM this morning they told her she had to leave Encore’s side.

Mid day update;.

More gratitude for Lynda Orton-Hill and Dr Alexandra Soltan, between the two of them they managed to make an ambulance out of Lynda’s car and drive Encore the 160 km to the specialist at the Oakville Referral clinic. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am.

Dr. Alix didn’t even have to give Missy En and meds on route. I know there are families in Connecticut that also need all of our prayers today butI am so grateful for all this community is doing for Encore. Please keep all of your prayers & positive healing energy coming. John and I are 4 hours from home, the poor man has driven 18 out of the past 23 hours . . . saving a huge dose of gratitude for him.