Today we roll out the last of the videos submitted by our talented members of Recallers 2.0.  I admit, I’m a little sad for the contest to be over.  I will miss watching all of the great videos.  This has been fun, hasn’t it?!

Have you been inspired by these videos? Wouldn’t you love it if you and your dog could be the subject of one next time around? THAT can be a reality because yesterday we opened up registration for our lastest edition of The Five Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall, and even though we call the course Recallers 3.0 ANYONE can sign up regardless if you have taken Recallers 1 or 2!   As you can see from all of these videos, the 5 Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall can give you truly amazing results.  You find more about the program (and see the last of my free on line webinars) at

So here are our final four videos. The last of the 16 finalist we narrowed down from over 250 wonderful video submissions.  Choosing 16 was challenging to say the least; I’m glad it’s up to you guys to choose the final winners!  Just to prove these videos are ALL amazing let me tell you over the past three days my favourites have placed 1st- 4th in the voting! 😉  Voting will continue until registrations closes, then we will officially name our five finalists at that time. Have you voted yet for the previous finalists?  If not, vote now:  Day 1 Finalists   –   Day 2 Finalists  –   Day 3 Finalists

Let me remind you of the great prize pack worth nearly $500 each winner will receive (all of my favourite things:)).

The “Susan’s Favourite Things” Gift Pack contains:

1) A $100 gift certificate to any on-line or off line course that I offer.

2) An electronic beeping “Hit-it” board (as demonstrated by Swagger below) and a “Squiggle-It” compliments of (retail value  $150). In addition to this great prize the Hit-It Board people are giving each of you readers the chance to buy your own Hit it board at a discount. Just use the discount coupon SYHIB10 when you check out at their website, how cool is THAT?









3) A custom made leather braided 5′ leash with a matching martindale collar (as shown off by my 3 dogs) in the photo below from . . . you pick the colours to compliment your dog – love, love, love these leash & collars:).

4) $100 gift certificate from In the photo below with Feature, I am wearing an iPup jacket and bamboo pants (with the reflective “Just Run”) from Itzyu. I totally love how this clothes fits and wears:

iPup Jacket

Below are today’s videos!  Cast your vote after the 4th video!

1.)  Caroline Lavelle

2.)  Katerina Lerlova

3.)  Andrea Petitto

4.)  Debbie Vassallo


Vote for your favorite Day 4 Video now!

  • Video 2 Katerina (38%, 376 Votes)
  • Video 4 Debbie (30%, 298 Votes)
  • Video 1 Caroline (28%, 270 Votes)
  • Video 3 Andrea (4%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 981

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Today I am grateful for all of my American friends and students that are celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday today, a day of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!