Today IS the Day!

Today is the day we start a two week blitz fundraising drive. But this isn’t anything like your neighbour’s kid selling plastic bowls for the phys ed department, this is the ULTIMATE win-win-win situation.

Earlier this week I started working on a new e-book I felt was desperately needed. Truth is, you may not realize you need it right now. But, the moment the need arises I promise the e-book will lower your blood pressure and give you peace of mind you would not find from any another non-pharmaceutical source.

“Flying Your Pet”

This all inclusive resource represents all that I have learned flying my dogs around the world over the past 20 years.

I have traveled with big dogs held in the baggage or cargo area and I have had my small dogs travel with me “in-cabin.”  

This e-book contains it all, including templates of ID Labels that you can copy directly to use when you fly with your own dog.

And hey, this isn’t just for those who may be travelling with a dog, all the save great information can be applied to flying with any pet you intend on traveling with you.

Even if you currently have no intentions of boarding a plane with your pet. Conditions change, our lives change and the day you do it, you are going to be thrilled you invested in this resource.

Buy it, print it out, keep a copy on your computer and a hard copy in your library. When you need it, it will be there.

It Is all a FUNdraiser!

And this e-book is a fundraiser. Every penny earned from the sales of this e-book will be donated to the Canadian Agility team flying to the World Championships this fall and our local Women shelter here in Hamilton.

Win-win-win. You win with a great resource, the team wins and the women’s shelter wins.

It’s A Bundle!

And if that isn’t cool enough I am bundling this e-book with the “Ultimate”  agility competitor’s e-book that has been put together by an amazing group of people. Members of our Canadian World Team, management staff (writing from the source of their own specialized talents) and friends (like Dave Munnings) have all contributed not only drills to improve your handling, not one skill sets to improve your dog but nutrition, mental prep and fitness tips (have you seen how good Carol Smorch looks lately?).

This 123 page, professionally laid out book truly is the

Ultimate Agility Competitor E-Book.”

Come Into My Inner Circle

And if the amazing content of these two e-books isn’t enough reason to buy, I have one more for you.

We are going to have a draw on Sept 1st 2011. For every “bundle” of these two e-books you buy, your name is going to be put into a lottery. The prize is something others paid $1000.oo to own. That is access into my exclusive “Inner Circle.”

Here you will have complete access to my entire Recallers course (yes this course is now closed and there is no other way to access it except through this draw), you get it all; the course DVD, the downloadable dog training MP3s for your ipod, the mini session on working through distractions, the coaching calls and more.

I could go on, but maybe I will save that for members of my Inner Circle to chime in their thoughts on being in this group (let’s hope they do!).

We have even increased your chances to win by offering you a way to earn 10 tickets into the Inner Circle draw by just purchasing 5 copies of these amazing e-books (hey you can donate those extra 4 copies to a Junior Handler or to a worker’s raffle at your next trial). You will find all the information you need right here on the blog.

The Ultimate E-Book offer, the Ultimate Inner Circle Draw

You get amazing content in these two e-books, you help two great causes and you get a chance to win your way into the Recallers Inner Circle. For those of you that are already into the Inner Circle we are going allow you to “pay it forward.” Who would know better than you the value of the gift you will be giving (or selling:)). I am certain you will be able to find some well deserving person that would love to take advantage of your prize!

For those of you that need the address, here is the link once again

Today I am grateful for the many hands that contributed their time and talents to make these two e-books beyond amazing. Okay now it is your turn, click on the link to become part of the win-win-win!