I love to raise puppies. I love the lessons they share with us. Swagger decided this morning’s activities would include a wee bit decorating and made me think if he could talk… he would say: “I can do recalls from anything, do amazing tricks, tug in the presence of great food rewards BUT . . . just remember, I am still a 6 months old puppy so I will also toilet paper your room if I get the chance. 🙂 ”

John and I were chatting at breakfast and we both kind of said at the same time; “where is the puppy, he is awfully quiet.” This is what we found…

“Who me? No really I just found all of this stuff here . . . maybe talk to Buzz about it.”

“See, I just had to get rid of all this stuff so I could bring your the roll!”

I won’t share this bit with John but I think I brought this on. You see when I was a kid our toy poodle used to LOVE to play fetch with the empty toilet paper roll. Every puppy since then I have, at one time or another, I have played with the empty toilet paper roll before I throw it out.

So on his own figured out how the “quick release” toilet paper roll holder works (aaaah there is no “release” you can just push it off) and wanted to start the game of fetch but needed to first remove all of that annoying paper that was covering the roll.

Not exactly a “puppy proof” toilet paper roll holder is it?

This all put me to mind to a Friday night when I was living in residence at university. A few of us went out for a drink, it was during mid-term exams so we left some of the others in the dorm to “study.”  One of my floor mates, Barb, decided it wasn’t cool to be left behind so she climbed through the open dormer at the top of the door into my room and not only turned the mattresses upside down, not only toilet papered the room, but left a note to explain why.

Barb, very proud of her handy work . . . I never did find out how her morning mid-term went:).

Faking disdain, a bubble blowing Susan in awe of Barb’s handy work.

Today I am grateful for entertaining puppies who make us laugh and bring back old memories. Shhhhhh no one mention anything about the retrieving of the empty roll to John okay?