To start today I am happy to announce our five winners in the 5 Minute Recallers video competition from last week. For those that are wondering, yes judging the top five was based on the percentage of votes each video received  daily (rather than the total numbers).

So our winners (starting with the highest percentage of votes) are;

1.How I Became a Cookie with 60% of the days votes

2. Bermuda with 54%

3. Talking Dobie tied with Recalls from Slovenia at 44%

5 Lolipop had 42%

I think it is really cool that our five winners come from four different countries from around the world! How cool is that? Really! So many great videos.

To think, I had my “top 5” picked prior in my mind before I asked for your help. But only 2 of my top five made the cut into the top 5 and one of them was voted last on their day!  Goes to show you the quality of the competition. And no I am not going to tell you what my picks were, I don’t want anyone feeling badly that I didn’t “vote” for their video. I loved all 15 — actually I had a list of 35 I wanted to post!

Thank you to everyone who voted and to those that put in the work to enter the contest!

And for some more cool news today I kick off with a sneak peak for EVERYONE into my Recallers course for free. I recognize, based on all of the buzz surrounding these great videos that there will be people that will want to get into my Recallers class that will not. In response to that, I have put together a series of three short webinars for everyone to enjoy — but just for the week.

These webinars are hosted on the uber cool new home of the Recallers course. The first time you enter you are going to have to “sign in” to see webinar. Sorry if that is a pain, especially for those of you that have already signed up to one of my lists this week!

I just know you will agree the content of these three webinars will be worth the effort of signing in.

So go to enter your name and email address and an email will be immediately sent to your inbox– you go there, confirm that it was you that signed up and the webinar will start immediately. Todays webinar is just over 22 minutes long. It is part of a presentation I intended on putting on a puppy DVD but you get it this week only for free!

Over the course of these three webinars you should get some insights and ideas into how to clean up not only your recall that may need some polish, but your general dog training and how everything is so interrelated.

That link again for the webinars is I would love it if after you watched you took the time to give me some feed back in the comments section!

Today I am grateful for each of you that took the time to watch and appreciate the hard work all of our first group of Recallers put into their videos.