Wow want a great reception to my Blueprint to Recall Success Webinar. If you missed it yesterday here is the link that will get you there. Don’t be shy about sharing the link with your dog owning friends.

If you didn’t get to see yesterday’s webinar you will have to leave your name and email address and then confirm your request when the email gets sent to your inbox. Both videos will be there for you to view, but I recommend you watch the first one prior to the second:).

For those of you that had problems with a “Trojan virus” warning appearing — you should have no problem with it today. Please be sure to leave a comment and let us know. There was no virus– no worries– it was some google indexing issue with our link.

Today’s Webinar is about building value for you and in honour of turing yourself into an irresistible cookie I thought we should all take another look at this great video!

Today I am grateful for the amazing comments people are leaving about this series of Webinars what an awesome dose of niceness.

How I Became a Cookie