I went to a meeting in Toronto earlier this week, put on by two of Tony Robbins coaches. One of them had this great line; “Coaches reveal your blind spots, so you can get different results than you have gotten in the past.”

The coaches in my life are massively important to me. They have always been my dream stretchers. I put out there what I would like to work towards and they look at me and say “How doable is that for you Susan? Can you stretch a little bit further?”

Many people will give you permission to coach them but not all want you to stretch them. A stretch means you have been moved outside of your comfort zone. Hey, that isn’t a place most people want to be. It isn’t anything like sitting on a big soft couch in your living room. . . as a matter of fact, for a while it is darn right uncomfortable! I guess it is supposed to be eh? Otherwise why would they call it a comfort zone?

The only way you can expand that comfort of yours  is to step outside of it often enough until that outside is as homey as the inside. Suddenly you have a bigger comfort zone — time to stretch some more!

By stretching you become more at ease trying new things, new styles, new tastes and new challenges.

We as humans tend to play safe and like to stay with our realm of where we feel we can succeed. Most people will not dare to dream big because they don’t want to open up the possibility of failing big.

So they either don’t bother to set goals or they set easy-to-reach goals, aiming only for the lowest hanging, easy to pick fruit on the tree that represents all that is possible in life.

People justify the limits of their vision by explaining they only want to set “realistic” goals for themselves.

What the heck does “realistic” mean anyway? Sounds like a limit to me.

What is so wrong with aiming well beyond what you think could ever be possible for you today? What if you aim high but fall short does that make you a failure? Heck no!

Even if you did fall short of your lofty goal,  reaching 75% towards it will likely still put you miles ahead of where you are standing today or where that “realistic” goal may have put you!

I have included a screen shot of my computer here. On it there is a quote from Marianne Williams that I read every day when I sit down to type this blog. It says

“Think bigger. Forget limits. Embrace the idea of endless possibility . . . it will change you.”

Right now, what is your process for staying accountable to your goals? Do you just let them float around in the “someday” or “wouldn’t it be great if. . .” part of your brain? Or are they detailed dreams written down with action plans leading you in their direction?

Take time today… write down your goals… your dreams… think bigger… forget limits.  Live in possibility.

Today I am so grateful for Lynda, who gave up almost two full days of her time to help me get caught up around here before I head out to Australia and New Zealand next week. Everyone should be so blessed as to have a friend like Lynda.