Next week I am starting a Newsletter series on Being a Good Student. The series is based on a short article I wrote in a magazine many years ago. Now I don’t pretend to be the worlds authority on educating, but I have taught dog training to people since 1988 and I am pretty observant so I feel I have some good ideas to share on this topic.

I love to challenge my students. Sometimes I put “pressure” on them just for the opportunity to give them a chance to see how well they respond to pressure. Like in this photo of one of my students. During a seminar I asked her to pose for a picture for me. Now she only tried this balancing board for the first time only a day or two earlier so to put pressure on someone while they are fairly new at something may seem unfair but it actually is helpful. I was patient until she had success (which she did pretty quickly because she is a cool cucumber). But by adding “pressure” it helps you to learn how you react in pressure situations. Laying down a great foundation for future “pressure” events.

I decided to write this series not only for all of my newsletter subscribers but for myself as well. I am a perpetual student. I love to learn so am constantly signing up for seminars or on line courses of my own including but not exclusive to the subject of dog training.  Some of the topics I study are unbelieveably frustrating to me because I am such a neophyte and the learning curve is so steep. Being the best student I can will help me maximize my learning opportunities.

By studying the characteristics of people I feel have made massive improvements while in my classes or courses I am helping myself to be a better student while I am learning.

I would love to get feedback from all of you. What do you think makes you a great student and what do you think holds others back from learning. Would love to include some of your ideas in my series (especially if you are an education expert).  As I said I am publishing this series only on my newsletter so if you are not a member sign up by November 1st–that is when the first article goes out. You can sign up both here on the blog or at my website at

Today I am grateful  for that I am going home after being away from John and the dogs for 8 days.