We just wrapped up another 4 days of camps here at Say Yes. Thursday & Friday it was Advances in Dog Training followed by Saturday and Sunday’s Critical Elements for Sport and Life (formerly puppy camp so lots of puppies here but no longer restricted to puppies). Lately we have had some super people here at camps but all of the instructors agreed, the group this past weekend was something special.

It was a very large group, with auditors and participants we had close to 40 people here every day for four days. Often when the group size gets that big it can get scary. Not this crowd. Tons of excellent questions. Questions that enriched the experience of everyone around. Really a great group of campers.

Here is a quote I put up on the last day. Before I explain my thoughts,  I am going to leave it with all of you to see what you take from it.

Let me hear your thoughts.

Today I am grateful for the enriching environment created by the people supporting each other at camp this past weekend.