Things are busy here at Say Yes this week, but for a different reason. We are having a “fit camp” for handlers. I am thoroughly enjoying it but it truly is gruelling (in a good way). Jill, the trainer I work with in Florida offered to come up here and put a few of us through the paces. There are five of us in total sweating through two work-outs a day (90 minutes long each) with Jill. In between we squeeze in one dog training session then one other “fitness” activity during the early afternoon.

Yesterday’s fitness activity was a walk at of our many hilly conservation parks in the area. This one is about 10 minutes from our home. Jill, our fit queen guru, brought along her 5 year old son Max, who is a real charmer. Watch the video to see what we happened upon at the park — yes my dogs are off leash:).


What you see in the video; is it off leash control or dogs that have so much value for making correct choices that they just do the right thing?  Neither of my dogs tried to chase the deer. Both were curious. It really amounts to a rather large game of ItsYerChoice in real life. Something the recallers are learning all about on my ongoing e-course.

What is off leash control? Is it a great recall we strive for, or a dog that just makes good choices on their own?

Today I am grateful for a week to focus on my fitness . . . but I am even more grateful for my hydro spa pool (can you say sore muscles!).