SOoo good to be home, even if it is only going to be for two days before I head away for another month. DeCaff and Buzzy where thrilled to see us walk through the door. Encore and Feature arrive home with Lynda this morning.

While we where away Mother Nature had lots of fun! Today there are about 15 or so Snapping Turtles out laying eggs in the field behind the house.

Almost poetic like, as this pre-historic creature lays her eggs at dawn.

This girl seems to be struggling a bit, but how can you tell really, I mean, any of you familiar with the calming signals of Snapping Turtles?

Here is some Waldo-like fun to take your mind away from that Horse Jumping game, count the Snappers. You can plainly see 5 turtles (2 in the foreground, 3 more scattered in the background) but actually there are 6 in this photo.

Each year John and I try to help in raising some baby birds around this place. This  would be the first spring that John hasn’t found a Killdeer nest to put snow fencing around to try and protect from predators. Two years agao we stopped using the RV in order to allow a mother Robin to finish raising her brood that had nested on the engine of the motor home. This year we halted construction on our exterior “Three Season’s Room” in order to allow a clever Robin to have some peace as she hatched a clutch of babies in the saftey of our home.

Three of her four eggs hatched. One here is a late sleeper and is snuggled in under its siblings.

Da mama arrives home with take-out breakfast for the kids.

At the last bit of nature had John almost in tears as he looked out at his pride and joy that had be neglected for two whole weeks. What is it about a man and his lawn?

John likes to cut only the slightest amount of grass from his lawn every few days during the growing season. With it this long it will take a bit more than that! Knowing John he will not rest until he can get the lawn looking, once again, as beautiful as possible which I bet will include raking trimmings of all things! I think next time we head away we will have to get someone not only to mind the dogs but also to give the lawn some TLC.

Today I am just so grateful that John and I live where we do, long grass and all 😎 .