Well, I was hoping not to leave the blog empty this week but wow, time flies. I did have time (with a great deal of help from Lynda) to get a couple of new workshops posted on the website. If you haven’t checked yet, do so now as two of the four are almost full and they were just posted today.

Must update the photos, this was about 12 lbs ago!

This week I am crewing at a Tony Robbins workshop here in Orlando. I am really excited for this opportunity. I am totally stoked. Good things always happen at these workshops. This weekend I will be assisting at the coaching booth. I won’t personally be doing any of the coaching but it will be cool to see other people’s coaching style and rapport with people. I am planning on learning a lot.

I have already met some amazing new people. It is great to get away from the dog world for a few days and focus on a different aspect of life and work on developing another side of my brain!

Today I am grateful for being able to fit into my size 4 pants again. Yep, down 16 lbs from when I first posted about my fitness goals late last fall. Not done yet, but boy it feels great! Even with me being away so much, the fitness program going great guns. I will fill you all in soon with some specifics, until then keep cellercising!