I have always been driven by the need to improve; myself, my dogs, my students, the world, whatever. Recent I have taken up a new habit which I would like to share because it has been a good one for me.  On and off in my life I have written in a journal. More recently I have been doing it regularly. I have many journals actually.  I have one journal for my dog training, another one for my workouts, now John and I share one for things we need to finish in the house but I am talking about my main journal here. The one I write everything else in.

I take it with me everywhere I go. I write notes about anything from what I am feeling after a meditation session to what new project I want to work on next. To things I want to blog about.  I write anything and everything in this journal.  But this is my latest new habit is;  after I teach a seminar I ask myself this question; “What did I learn this weekend?”  I write down everything that comes to my head. It may be dog training related it may not, but I have got to tell you it is a powerful exercise that I am absolutely thrilled by. So far I only do it after teaching a multi day seminar but I am thinking of adopting it for classes as well. I am find it massively beneficial on many many levels.

It doesn’t matter if you just taught a great class or one where the results were not as you hoped, if you ask the question, you will get an answer.

Just because we are teaching doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be learning from the experience.  For the really good dog trainers out there, this is what happens to you when you train.  You are giving information to the animal and that animal is giving you information in return. As I mentioned in The Journey when we receive these lessons we will grow. I know I have always learned from my experiences when I teach but now I am sitting quitely and asking myself exactly what I learned and writing down the answers. Wow, scary powerful stuff.  Ask yourself questions and trust me, you will get answers. That it why people like Tony Robbins warn about being careful of the questions you ask yourself. For example if you ask yourself “why can’t I ever lose weight?” you brain will give you a list of reasons why, thus supporting the fact that you will never be able to lose weight.




Ok, last two post may have been a bit out there for some of you, but if they are, you are not alone . .  John thinks I am certifiable:)

I thought I would add more pics here of my trip to Italy, I couldn’t seem to upload them last week so enjoy.


The agility field from my recent trip to Italy



School/housing facility in Italy.



Class room area of school


Today I am grateful for forming new habits.