Still down here in south Florida. I decided to take a little “me” time in between teaching camps. Most days have started with my friend Neta and I working out with her awesome trainer Jill Dearmin from Juno Beach Fitness. Yesterday Jill took us to the beach for our workout. We laughed, we cried  . . . someone peed in the ocean, while some one else may have spit up a bit in their mouth.

I really haven’t worked out like this in quite some time and was thoroughly impressed by how I hung in with Neta (who has been working with Jill for a year). I credit most of this to the great prep the Cellerciser has given me. I wouldn’t have believed it if someone told me, but that little puppy has really has given me a great start to my fitness journey.

Jill is all ready to put us through our paces, me on the other hand think I am still in Canada!

Jogging with the “babies”

Down and up burpeess in the surf, no salt needed with dinner tonight for sure!

Catching a break when the surf rolls out!

Tossing around the medicine ball.

Surf sprints  . . . talk about resistance training!

Sprint for 10 m then drop ‘n roll for three, then up and sprint to the next marker.  The drag mark are from another killer exercise we finished earlier.

Gasping for air!

Neta thinking she can spread out on a towel to catch a few rays . . . not!

Sprinting the dunes, from the bottom; forwards up and backwards down for 20 then from the top forwards down and backwards up for 20.

One of the hazards of beach workouts, is the many stinging man-o-wars that you must be careful not to step on.

Another Juno Beach hazard to be aware of is Jill.

Balance on the wee ball while doing presses and curls.

Neta and I keep the “babies” high and dry during our final jog down the beach.

Word of advise, don’t mess with Jill!

It really was a wonderful morning. It is hard for me to believe but I have been coming to Florida every winter for 12 years and this is the first time I have been to the beach. Sad but true.

Jill really is an amazing trainer.  If you ever want to treat yourself, take a few days, get down to Juno Beach Fitness and work out with Jill.  She is a tough wee Scottish lass but her innovative and motivational workouts make an hour whizz by in no time.

Today I am grateful for Neta’s awesome hospitality and Jill’s caring approach to fitness.